Your rodeo announcer is Roger Mooney from the Cherokee Indian town of Ellijay, Georgia.  For over 25 years, he has had the opportunity to educate, inform and entertain rodeo fans from coast to coast, across the United States and beyond. 

From the Calgary Stampede to downtown New York City, Miami, FL, to the Cow Palace in San Francisco, CA, Roger has the opportunity to announce over 45 rodeos a year, and he has done so since 1984. 

With two trips to the National Finals Rodeo, the National Finals Steer Roping, and six-time Dodge National Circuit Finals Rodeo, he has also been honored with the 2004 WPRA Announcer of the Year title.  From Tour Finales, the Indian National Finals Rodeo, and visiting the announcing stage 10 times at the National High School Finals Rodeo, Roger is very proud to have been recognized by the PRCA and nominated Pro-Rodeo Announcer of the Year.
When he’s not on the rodeo trail, you can also find him behind the microphone producing radio and television voiceovers and commercials with his wife, Ashley, at the pace of nearly 1,000 spots a year. 

Roger has been seen on ESPN, ESPN 2, TNN, OLN, and Bullriding TV.  He has also been chosen as the host of Rodeo Roundup on The Outdoor Channel.  Some say it’s that Southern drawl, others say a quick wit, and many reply it’s that deep booming voice, but Mooney says, “I show up to my office in a saddle, wrapped in leather and witness the greatest show on dirt—I’ve got the best job in the world.”

If the horse is ever back on the ranch in Georgia, and the microphone is safely packed away, put on your work boots, as long as they’re cowboy boots, and get ready to roll up your sleeves! Roger and his family operate a successful flea market, trade in real estate, and run a beef cattle operation. 

From big cities to small towns, multi-year contracts and the phone ringing off the hook, the future looks bright and Roger knows that he has been a blessed man.  He’s got good health, a great family and, with a little luck, Roger plans on filling stands and thrilling fans for years to come. 
            Fasten your seatbelts; you’ve been cleared for rodeo takeoff time.   

Roger Mooney


Rodeo clown Keith Isley is one of the most award-winning acts on the PRCA circuit today. He is much honored in the rodeo world, being named PRCA Clown of the Year five times and PRCA Comedy Act of the Year three times. Coors has also honored him several times with their "Man in the Can" award, including last year for 2012.

A consummate professional, Keith not only brings his off-the-wall comedy to the Adirondack Stampede, but also his amazing trick horse that never fails to astound audiences with its skills. Keith is no stranger to the Adirondack Stampede, having entertained the Civic Center crowd on several prior occasions.

His star status in the PRCA is a long way from his modest start as a shy 15-year-old whose original plan was to ride broncs and bulls. Keith also tried his hand at bullfighting, and found he liked it better than being a rodeo competitor. The clown makeup and costumes provided the aspiring showman with a shield under which he could hide his shyness. Slowly he began telling jokes, and his professional career began. Today is one of the PRCA’s biggest stars.

The Adirondack Stampede is proud to welcome back Keith Isley. Please give this North Carolina native a warm Glens Falls welcome.

Coors "Man in the Can" (2012)
Coors "Man in the Can" (2011)
PRCA Clown of the Year (2011)
PRCA Comedy Act of the Year (2011)
Coors "Man in the Can" (2010)
PRCA "Clown of the Year" (2010)
PRCA "Comedy Act of the Year" (2010)
Dodge Circuit Finals (2010)
First Frontier Circuit Finals (2010)
PRCA "Comedy Act of the Year" (2009)
PRCA "Clown of the Year" (2009)
Coors "Man in the Can" (2009)
NFR "Barrel Man" (2009)
PRCA "Clown of the Year" (2008)
PRCA "Clown of the Year" (2007)
PRCA "Clown of the Year" (2006)


Keith Isley

Rodeo Clown